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Characters and Codes - using an Excel file on OneDrive

The example below shows how ASCII character codes can be converted and used in Excel. The functions can be used with random numbers to generate codes of characters.

Function Purpose Example Result
CODE(StringChar) The ASCII code of a character =CODE("A") 65
CHAR(ASCII_number) The character relating to an ASCII code =CHAR(98) b
RAND() A random number between 0 and 1 =RAND() 0.1521

An embedded excel worksheet - you can type values into cells but can not save your changes.

Embed an Excel file in a web page using OneDrive

Create a file in Excel and save it to a location on your local disk.

Open OneDrive and select the Public folder.

On the top OneDrive toolbar, select the option to Upload a file.

Right click on a file in your Public folder and choose to Embed

embed an excel file in a web page

A page opens with a default snippet of HTML code for an iFrame. This can be copied to an appropriate location within a web page.

Alternatively, follow the link to 'Customise how this embedded workbook will look to others'. Various options allow you to change the appearance of the worksheet and whether to allow users to edit cells. An amended code can then be copied.

The display of dates in an embedded Excel web app

Dates can appear in the wrong format within the web app and will adopt the US mm/dd/yyyy pattern. If you enter a date in your local pattern (e.g. dd/mm/yy) this may not be recognised and gets converted to text. Excel on your PC will adopt your local regional settings and opening the uploaded sheet within the OneDrive Excel OnLine service should apply your OneDrive location settings. The embedded extract however ignores both configurations.

It appears that this problem can be avoided by applying a custom date format to the relevant cells. Set this in Excel, even if your custom format replicates the default setting. Once the file is uploaded to your public OneDrive folder this setting gets retained in the embedded web app.

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