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An Access database staff leave planner

An office leave planner

It is very helpful to have a tool which records the booked dates of future leave to be taken by staff and presents it clearly on a chart. At a glance this allows managers to see who will be available and prevent key staff from booking overlapping dates. Exporting a booked leave chart to a web page allows the information to be shared on a network and be easily available from any browser.



Access or Excel?

Elsewhere in this website I have presented an example of an office leave planner created using Excel. A relatively small model reporting on 15 people over 3 months contains over 1,000 large formulas and as a result can be slow to recalculate after every data entry. A database overcomes many of the disadvantages presented by Excel. It can be more easily shared and updated by various people and can contain larger numbers of records without significantly affecting performance. A more sophisticated model is possible.

Features of the leave planner database

  • Include the details of any number of staff
  • Easily enter the dates of booked leave using a calendar control
  • Define categories of absence such as Annual Leave or Study Leave. These can be colour coded to improve clarity.
  • Define special dates for public holidays which will be shown as leave for all staff
  • Report on the data for a chosen range of months
  • Display the booked leave as either an Access report or as an exported HTML web report
Main form of the Access office leave planner

select dates for annual leave using the access calendar control   Extract of an Access chart for an office leave planner

The database allows you to define any number of staff and (if you wish) group them in your owned defined sort order (e.g. by department). Alternatively just leave it as a simple alphabetical list of names.

The Access report and the HTML report  are both  similar in appearance and contain some colour formatting of the different types of leave. Click here for an example of an HTML report for a single month.

This is not an all encompassing staff management or rostering system. It is a simple tool that helps staff and managers coordinate the leave in an office or department.

There are two versions available - one for Access 2000 / 2003 and another for Access 2010. Your Access security must be configured so that macros and VBA are enabled.

If you have already acquired the database, click here to view some notes on amendments and bug fixes.

Click on the link below to obtain the program.


an Access database for
recording and displaying
booked staff absences

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