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Snippets of VBA code for Access

It is possible in Access to close a form automatically after a specified period of time. This is useful for opening title screens and forms telling the user that a task has completed. The following code can be linked to a Timer event on a form.

Private Sub Form_Timer()
If Me.TimerInterval <> 0 Then
Me.TimerInterval = 0
End If
DoCmd.Close A_FORM, "MyOpenScreen"
End Sub
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You may need to ask the user for a filename on your PC which is to be imported. This simple VBA function checks to see whether a particular filename exists.

Function DoesFileExist(FileName As String) As Byte
' returns 1 if FileName exists, otherwise 0
If Dir(FileName, vbNormal) <> "" Then
DoesFileExist = 1
DoesFileExist = 0
End If
End Function

In an application you may want (as a default) to open forms at their normal size rather than maximised to fill the screen - while reports may look much better maximised. This can simply be fixed using either a Macro or a VB Procedure to set their size each time they are opened. Without a procedure like this, forms and reports will inherit the normal or maximised condition of the previous window.

Create a second similar macro containing the command Maximise which can be linked to the Activate event of a report.

Alternatively use the Code Builder linked to an Activate event to create the code DoCmd.Restore or DoCmd.Maximise

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