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h1 - looking at the xlmik_basic12.css properties


a picture called grn2010.gif in a div with class = lh-pic. Other div styles are rh-pic and insert-pic

The following table has a class = 'msbluetable'. It needs a width of less than 100% in order to squeeze another div (rh-pic) to the right. Everything is a TD cell class.

Great Scott! A regular paragraph within the div box and a width of 140

msgrey msgrey
msbox msbox

the following table has no class

gr1 rr1 br1 rebg
gr2 rr2 br2 grbg
gr1_r rr1_r br1_r yebg
gr2_r rr2_r br2_r blbg

A paragraph can contain an formula which is to be highlighted in green : span class greentext or a ribbon location in purple : span class purpletext.

tdedge A B
1 msbox cell
2 msbox cell_rx

The following table has a class = grey

td.grey td.grey
greyx none
greyx none

The following table has a class = red

td.red td.red
redx none
redx none

If you want to add a hidden label to some text use either a plain acronym or an acronym with class = ID, although that element is being phased out and replaced with abbr.

My pages have an index key in the footer. [CMIDX S3 P1 Y] means Section 3 (as per Excel homepage menu) Page 1 (within section) and Y - Yes it is included in the functions guide.

Two helpful buttons switch offswitch on

More CSS formatting stuff can be found here.

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