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Excel Functions: Contents

These pages contain information and examples of Excel spreadsheet functions and topics such as graphs, testing and short cuts.



Functions and Calculations

# #N/A & Abs Address Age And Array Audit Autosum Average bandings BestFit Book Bullet Points Buttons Cell Chart Choose Code ColorIndex Colours ColourScales Combo Comments Compound Concatenate Confidence Configure Count CountA Criteria CSV DataBars Date Datediff Daverage Defaults Dependents Design DropDown Dsum Errors Filename Filtering Financial Find Footers Formats Formatting Forms Formula Frequency FV Graphs Grouping Hyperlinks If Index Indirect Int Interest Investment IRR IsError Isna Large Listbox Lists Loans Logical Lookup Macro Mapping Match Max Mean Median Mid Min Mod Mode NamedRanges Normal Now NPV Numbers



IF, conditions and selecting



Formatting Cells and Values

Help and tips using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet functions
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Dates and Times

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Sharing data with other programs

Offset Or Organisation Output Parsing PDF Personal PMT PowerPoint Precedents Principal Probability Projects Protection R1C1 Rand Rank Repayments Rept Ribbons Risk search Series sheet Shortcuts Slicers Small Statistics Styles Sum SumProduct Testing Text Time TrafficLights Transpose True Validation Value VBA VLookUp Waterfall WebApp Webpages Weekday Weighted Word Xlstart



Reference, Input and Navigation

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Help moving to new version of Excel



Auditing, charts and other stuff

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