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Using a Google form to collect data

This page does not contain much detail about the various steps and processes. It is included here as a general introduction of what can be acheived.

Use your free Google Docs account create a new spreadsheet and a simple form.

Use the Forms option to create your own form for gathering data


A hyperlink to the form can be shared with your intended users on a web page or via email.   Click here to open the survey
If a database is being employed to send emails to users, it is possible to customise their forms so that fields they are prepopulated with appropriate values. The required values are included within the URL  Click here to open your personal survey

The basic hyperlink is provided by google and can be copied and pasted. This can then be edited by appending field values. To add a name into the first field add the following code: &entry_0=Sarah

Example: " viewform?formkey=unique_number&entry_0=Sarah&entry_1=Ward+10"

Simple summaries of the results can be published and live data can be embedded within a web page.

A formula to count the number of responses with a datestamp today.


A formula to return the date one week ago


A formula to count the number of responses between dates contained in cells F3 and F4


Once the summary has been created, select menu File | Publish to the Web | HTML to embed in a page


Alternatively, the live summary of results could be produced as a chart which can be embedded in your own web page as a picture.

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