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Agency Nurse expenditure

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The agency nurse expenditure reported in the general ledger is mainly composed of actual purchase ledger invoices (PRL) and accrual journals (29 Jnls) posted by Financial Management.

The (AGN) ledger expenditure includes amounts relating to the previous financial year which were not covered by the 13/14 year end accrual. The data can be adjusted to transfer all UB*** cost centre values back into the previous financial year.

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Each month a judgement is made of the current period's 'real' expenditure. This is mainly based on apparent recent trends in RosterPro data. The actual data on the first row of the table is purchase ledger invoices. These are allocated to the period of the invoice date, not the payment or registration. The late arrival and registration of actual invoices my cause a revaluation of the estimates made in previous months.

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RosterPro does not contain expenditure values. However a set of average rates for each agency can be applied to the RosterPro hours in order to estimate the expenditure. This table shows the calculated expenditure values for each Directorate in each period. The chart (above) may highlight apparent trends.

Alternatively, these same expenditure values can be grouped by the agency supplier.

The actual invoices can be allocated into periods based on the invoice dates, rather than the purchase ledger transaction period. These values should be similar to those in the previous table.

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